Frequently asked questions about fuel pellets production

Our company distributes wood pellets that we gather from our fuel pellets production partners. Wood pellets are a relatively new concept however it is becomes more and more popular by the day, many people interested in purchasing a pellet stove or boiler are therefore intrigued and want to know more about fuel pellets production. Our company is experts in the topic therefore we created a frequently asked question section of our website that allows for all questions to be answered.

Q: Where does our wood pellet supply originate from?

A: Our wood pellet supply originates from different pellet manufacturers all over the EU. Since we are wood pellet suppliers, we partner with many producers of pellets who create high quality pellets in large quantities that are perfect for individual use, as well as use on a wider scale.

Some countries that we gather our supply are:

If you are interested in purchasing high quality wood pellets and have then delivered to you no matter where you live, order from us now !

Q: What does class A1 and class A2 mean?

A: Good quality wood pellets are ENPlus certified meaning that the quality of the pellets is up to the government standards. The pellets are then divided into different classes. Class A1 is top ranked since it leaves less ash than class A2, it has less bark, and it has a higher ash melting point.
Class A2 is normally used in larger installations. There are only minor differences between the two classes.

Q: What are wood pellets made of?

A: Wood pellets are normally made of compressed sawdust. Sawdust was often considered waste that is produced from industries that use sawmills and therefore produce large amounts of sawdust daily. Wood pellets are therefore a form of recycling, recycling materials that otherwise would have been discarded.

Wood pellets are 100% natural, with no binders, chemicals, or additives which also adds to the list of positives.

Q: Are wood pellets environmentally friendly?

A: Wood pellets are one of the most eco-friendly forms of wood fuel available. Not only do they use recycling of waste to create the product, additionally to then when it is being burnt it creates very little ash which means less waste. Wood pellets are in no way toxic, and produce less smoke than regular fuels. Wood pellets are the best form of heating, they are efficient, cost effective, and environmentally friendly.

Q: Where do we ship our wood pellet supply?

A: Our company ships our wood pellet supply all over the EU and the rest of the world. Since our partners are located within the EU it is only right that we distribute our supply anywhere in the EU. Since we are high in stock of our wood pellets, we are capable of distributing large, wholesale orders of wood pellets. Order now.

Q: How do I become a wood pellet manufacturing partner?

A: To partner with us fill out our partners form with all the necessary information, from the amount of wood pellet you produce yearly, down to any certificates you may have.

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