Low price wood pellets supplier

We offer top class wood pellets since we are a low price wood pellets supplier we are high in stock and can therefore offer large amounts of the top class wood pellets

We are a low price wood pellets supplier therefore we have multiple types of wood pellets to choose from.

There are many different features that make a good quality wood pellet, everything from the sizeclassmoisture contentash content and many others determine what a good wood pellet looks like.

In our online shop our customers will find wood pellets of all classes, all at the best quality and lowest price. A good quality wood pellet should have a low moisture content, be made of purely wood with no addons like cardboard, have a high heat output (measured in BTU), and have a low ash content. Because we are a low price wood pellets supplier, we make sure to distribute only the best quality wood pellets, making sure that the pellets we supply have all of the above attributes.

Main things to note about our wholesale wood pellets stock:

  • A range of classes:  A2, and A1.
  • 6 or 8 mm in diameter and about 3-4 times the diameter in length
  • Moisture content between 8-10%.
  • Ash content, low ash content, below 0.7%

There are different classes for wood pellets ranging from B, A2, A1, A1 being the best quality and most commonly used in private households. Class A2 pellets more amounts of ash, it may produce just too much ash for some pellet stoves and boilers to handle.

It is a ENPlus A1 standard for the moisture content of wood pellets to be below 10%. Damp pellets can damage pellet stoves by jamming the pellet feed, and slowing down or stopping the intake of pellets. We are low price wood pellets supplier, who distribute ENPlus certified pellets so we guarantee that all pellets that we supply have a moisture content of lower than 10%.

When it comes to whether our clients should choose softwood or hardwood pellets, softwood pellets have a higher BTU (British thermal unit) than hardwood pellets, which means that it burns hotter than hardwood. It is up to the client to make the final decision on the type of wood pellets they prefer, however if you need any advice we suggest you contact us, your low price wood pellets supplier, today.

Ash content describes how much ash is left over in the stove in proportion to how much wood was burned. The levels of ash aloud is also set by ENPlus A1 standard. Having a lot of ash build up from your wood pellets is not a good sign, this normally means that the stove is not running as efficiently as it should, a build-up of ash can also be frustrating to clean and can lead to bigger technical issues with the stove itself.We are a low price wood pellets supplier therefore when buying from us you do not have to worry about low quality pellets; we only offer the best quality pellets on the market. With us you do not have to worry about ash build up, we only supply low ash content wood pellets.

We are a low price wood pellets supplier, we distribute large wholesale orders all over the EU, we are stocked up in large amounts of wood pellets therefore if you are interested in purchasing high quality wood pellets we are here for you !

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