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Wood pellets store offers 10kg & 15kg bags and also retail to small buyers

Wood pellets store is the world’s leading brand of super premium grade wood pellets and the only one to offer an Energy Guarantee* of 4800 KWh per tonne. Wood pellets are BSL registered and fully RHI compliant and made from 100% Ukraine, UK sourced sustainable timber.  Due to increased demand, we provide Express delivery(3dyas) , Express Overnight, Standards(6 days). For further information please email us


When it comes to sustainable heating options of En+ A1 Wood pellets 15kg, Wood Pellets store are a game-changer. These dense, compacted blocks of wood offer numerous benefits that make them an ideal choice for eco-conscious individuals looking to heat their homes efficiently and responsibly.

Why choose us for   En+ A1 Wood pellets 15kg 

  • Environmentally Friendly: Wood pellets are made from renewable and sustainable wood sources, reducing the reliance on fossil fuels and helping combat climate change.
  • Clean-Burning: Wood pellets produce minimal ash and emissions, contributing to cleaner air quality and reduced pollution.
  • High Energy Efficiency: Wood pellets have a high energy density, providing more heat per unit compared to traditional firewood.
  • Convenient Storage: Our En+ A1 Wood pellets 15kg are compact and safely sealed, making storage easy and efficient.
  • Automated Heating: Wood pellet stoves and boilers can be automated, offering hands-free heating control.
  • Cost-Effective: Wood pellets are often cost-competitive with other heating options, saving you money in the long run.
  • Reduced Waste: Using wood pellets encourages the responsible use of wood materials, contributing to a circular economy.
  • Low Moisture Content: With moisture levels below 10%, wood pellets burn efficiently and produce less creosote buildup.
  • How It’s Made Wood pellets are made through a process that involves transforming raw wood materials into compact, cylindrical pellets. High-quality wood pellets have low moisture content, consistent size and density, and minimal impurities, making them ideal for efficient and clean burning in pellet stoves, boilers, and other heating systems.
  • Bulk Ordering Options For larger heating needs, Woodlets Wood Pellets are available in various sizes, providing flexibility to cater to your requirements.

    • 10kg: x1
    • 10kg: x48
    • 10kg: x72
    • 10kg: x96
    • 15kg x45
    • 15kg x65

    If you have any questions, wish to place a larger order, or require further information, please email us at

  • All orders placed after 3pm will be processed on the following working day.

  • Wood Pellets For Your Home

    Wood pellets provide a sustainable and reliable source of heat and hot water for your home and now more than ever are a credible alternative to oil. Wood pellet boilers are clean, easy to manage and offer the same level of control and flexibility as conventional oil and gas boilers. However, no matter how good your boiler is, it can only deliver the maximum amount of heat that the fuel can supply; it is therefore of vital importance to be sure you are using the highest quality fuel possible.

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3 reviews for En+ A1 Wood pellets 15kg

  1. Mudrik

    Top notch quality products, wood pellets are great 👍 for my stove. Great smell with enough heat. My family is having a great time. I have recommend my family to your website.

  2. Leo

    My family and I are having a great time together with your products, it was delivered safely right to our home address with ease. Definitely buying your other products like wood briquettes and firewood next time.

  3. Mike Reiss

    I have searched for a genuine supplier of wood pellets and animals beddings until I meet this website. Great service and an active team.

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