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Wood pellets store Co. Ltd is a family run business and trusted provider of sawdust, wood shavings, woodpellets and wood briquttes for industries like construction, agriculture, retail and other domestic businesses. We supply a variety of different types of products to ensure that we fulfil everyone needs from equestrian, cattle, poultry and biomass industries. Soft.  Completely biodegradable, Natural ingredients, Recyclable, Eco-friendly, Easily stored

Due to increased demand, please  further information  email us

whatsapp: +34 631 31 79 46

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Sawdust – This product is most commonly used in stables or for garden pathways (which is a useful weed deterrent). The delivery of this product is either by Landcruiser 4WD tipper or bulk loads in a larger truck, including walking floor or truck & dog combinations. Available in bags, bales, 5 or 10 cubic meter loads and large truck loads up to 80 cubic meters. Shavings – This product which is primarily used in the poultry industry where it is delivered in a Walking Floor trailer which allows the product to be placed either close to or in the chicken sheds. The product can also be delivered in the Landcruiser 4WD tipper or in bales for smaller applications such as pet litter.
Softfall – This product is mainly used in gardens, playgrounds or horse arenas. This can be delivered in small loads in the Landcruiser 4WD tipper of up to 10 cubic meters at a time or in larger loads by truck. This product is accredited to Mech Test Standards.
Bark – This product is used in gardens and can be delivered in small loads with 4WD tipper or larger loads by truck. Bark size range includes 25mm, 12mm, ‘oversized’ and ‘fines’. Place your order here and receive a discounts


  • Soft
  • Completely biodegradable
  • Natural ingredients
  • Recyclable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easily stored
  • Due to increased demand, please  further information  email us

    whatsapp: +34 631 31 79 46

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  1. Hung

    The products are A grade original products. Exactly what I expected. My friends will soon contact your website

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